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Welcome to the Shek O Dog Department

Shek O Dog Department was founded in August 2014 by Riina and her two Hong Kong rescue dogs Iida and Hulda.

In 2019 wonderful Singapore special Gerda aka “Kerttu” joined our team too!

Why did we start this creative journey together?

Well, one day we just thought that enough of the standardized selection of dog accessories.
Those grey, black and dark colored dog beds and collars. And their practicality that overrides creativity and playfulness.

Why dog accessories have to look so boring, we asked each other?

We are all unique, so why cannot we have something more bespoke to suit our individual needs?
So we decided to start our own venture.

This is who we are:


Riina is a Finn.

That sums it up really.


Hulda is a Thai Ridgeback cross rescue dog from Hong Kong.

She was found on the beach.
She is independent minded and always alert.
She loves people, but thinks serving humanity is a bit overrated.
Her favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating and chasing.
She dislikes sun and heat.

Iida (1)

Iida is a Siberian husky cross rescued from Hong Kong.

She was found in a bin.
She is overly loving, sensitive and very cunning.
She loves balls, swimming, sun and running.
She dislikes cold water and walks that are too short.

Collar cropped

Gerda aka “Kerttu” is a Singapore Special. According to her DNA results she is 98% Singapore special (cannot be traced to any pedigree dogs) – with 1% of Grate Dane and 1% of German Shepherd.

She was born into Army Barracks and after a brief visit to the government kennels,  she was taken into a care of wonderful local charity with her siblings.
She is still a young puppy. And does what puppies do …

This is what we do and believe in:

Inspired by Hong Kong surfing-village Shek O’s colors, vibrancy and atmosphere, our collection is designed to offer edgy, stylish and high-quality dog accessories which make both dogs and humans happy.

We believe in detailed, thorough and creative thinking.
Crafting by hand, rather than producing in mass.
Individuality, difference and freedom of choice.

For dogs our range includes customized, bespoke dog beds, collars and leashes.
For their humans we offer Hoodies, T-shirts, Belts, Bags and Yoga Totes.

For our dog bed covers as well as Yoga Totes we are using only premier natural fabrics such as cotton, cotton-linen and silk.
For our limited edition collars and leashes we use high-tensile strength spun polyester, matched with decorative nylon ribbons.

All our unique products for dogs are lovingly handmade to order – tailored exactly in accordance with your requirements in style, size, color and trim.

Whatever your preferences or needs are – please get in touch.
With us, everything is really down to you and about you.
Personalized and Bespoke.

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After 2,5 years of waiting / covid restictions / flight bans etc.

Al has also finally landed to Finland after 13h flight.

He went straight to the biodynamic Finnish farm to meet our old friends and their lovely animals. Ducks, lambs, chicken, horses, dogs and whatever.

He might be Hong Kong born boy, but he truly has a soul of a Finn.


Love is this.


Couple of our unique sofa cushion covers are ready.
In bohemean, artdeco pattern.


Love is.
Japanese detailed printing and quality.

Couple of our unique cushion covers are ready again!



Happy Birthday Iida, 10 years young today (give or take a week).

Hard to believe that you are officially a pensioner!
As you have not once visited a vet due health issues, except when poisonous snake bit you when you were a puppy.

We love you to bits.
Go girl, go!


18 months today!


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